Card Specs

The IndigoCard was rolled out especially for those applicants with bad credit who wish to build or rebuild their credit history by doing credit card transactions. You can get all the services online at the IndigoCard Login portal.

The Indigo Card is also intended for those users who do not want or cannot get the essential deposit for a secure credit card. It is the foremost alternative for those users who do not have the credit or seek to increase their limited credit score.

While comparing to some competing card issuing firms, the Login portal has one of the lowest low fixed credit limits of $ 300, with no publicized procedure to enhance the credit limit.

This lower limit executes Indigo Platinum Mastercard more of a card for users looking to enhance their credit than for those who absolutely want to utilize it for their acquisitions.

Indigo Card also does not provide any travel benefits and prefers to charge a fee for all foreign money transactions. This makes it an alternative option for national usage, even compared to several other cards aimed at individuals with limited credit or credit issues.

Like several of these cards aimed at customers with credit issues, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard has an impartially high APR. At this official rate, the card is less excellent for those who want to maintain an account balance or do several foreign transactions.

In addition to it, the value of the IndigoCard to secure a positive credit history is decreased, since maintaining a balance will spend more than the credit limit, and the lower the “use of credit”.

Standard Benefits At IndigoCard Login portal

  • Emergency Card Replacement Services
  • Emergency Advance Payment Options

The IndigoCard annual membership charge includes a fee on credibility. Nonetheless, cardholders may have to pay $ 99 for the initial year. Also, the IndigoCard is extensively recognized by several firms.